by Hélène Montpetit

Thank you, Wellness Hackers and Twitter for this jump start to the day.

What, me, worry?

uncomfortableTimeLordThe universe is vast.
We are all crowded on a small planet floating in a cold, dark immensity.
Our days are numbered.
What is the meaning of it all?
Why are we here?
…no wonder The Doctor looks uncomfortable!

Discomfort and conscious living

Thank heavens, we don’t think about such weighty questions all the time, but they do cross our minds on occasion, don’t they? In fact, living consciously demands that we visit these uncomfortable spaces. It is what allows us to reassess, to revise our positions, to make changes so that our lives reflect our values and beliefs.

Thankfully, as the movement toward conscious living grows, more research is being done that can be used to support ideas that we may previously have only had an intuition about. Empathy, for instance, is something I value highly. When it is lacking, environments and relationships are at best difficult, at worst, downright poisonous. Unfortunately, there survives in Western thought a notion that humanity is an aggressive, competitive species best ruled by those who believe in holding power over others. There is little room for empathy in that world view.

Empaths and the evolution of humanity

The RSA Animate video embedded below challenges this belief. Illustrating a talk given by Jeremy Rifkin, it highlights our capacity for empathy and reveals its important role in human evolution. At 10 minutes, 39 seconds, I thought it a valuable investment of my time. I hope you enjoy it and look forward to reading your thoughts.