Welcome to the Sweet Songs page, where you will find more works by people who have addressed an important issue, stretched boundaries, provided perspective, insight or solutions – in other words, works by those who have gone up the mountain and come back down again with something important to share.


Ensuring Fair Trading Practices Worldwide

The World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) was created to improve the livelihood of disadvantaged small farmers and artisans and to promote sustainable development and justice through changing trade structures and practices. An umbrella group for national and local fair trade organizations, it also welcomes individual researchers, writers, consultants and specialists who can contribute skills, knowledge and expertise to the organization and its members.

To find out more about the World Free Trade Organization, click here.

A Global Network To Support Social Entrepreneurship
Global Social Entrepreneurship Network
The Global Social Entrepreneurship Network is a worldwide network of organizations working to support social entrepreneurship, business enterprises dedicated to solving social, cultural or environmental problems.  For more information, please click on the link above. 

Research In Social Entrepreneurship And Social Enterprise

Dedicated to advancing scientific knowledge on social entrepreneurship and social enterprise, SOCENT is a Belgian initiative currently involving 257 Belgian research teams and 112 international partners.

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Sharing resources and opportunities through worldwide network
OuiShare is a global community and think and do-tank started in Paris, France in 2012. It was founded to connect people, organizations and ideas around fairness, openness and trust. Its end goals are to provide solutions to complex issues and to share resources and opportunities.

For more information on OuiShare, click here.

Al Gore and The Climate Reality Project
In this 25 minute video published in late February 2016, Mr. Gore makes a case for optimism on climate change.

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Lennon-Ono on Peace

1969. 06. 01  John Lennon Give Peace a Chance, performed with Yoko Ono and an impromptu chorus of people in Montreal, Quebec.[2] 

Parenting in a violent world

2015. 09. 19  Laura R. What would you do?


Young People Putting Peace First
One teacher + one idea = a whole lot of positive change.

For more information on Peace First, click here.

Soldiers on a mission
Its members having served all over the world, Veterans For Peace is uniquely qualified  to expose the true costs of conflicts. The organisation works to build a culture of peace and to heal the wounds of war.

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Banning Nuclear Weapons

For more information on The Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, click here.

The Power Of One
Words of Peace is an independent charitable foundation set up by people who were inspired by Prem Rawat, a man who has been sharing his message of peace for over five decades. The organisation provides access to materials and supports Mr. Rawat’s work. In 2014, over one million people heard him at live events as he toured over 40 cities and visited 16 countries.

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Grassroots peacebuilding

Dr Scilla Elworthy speaks on preventing conflict. A distinguished peace activist, she has worked on peace related issues for over 30 years. Dr. Elworthy is also the founder of Peace Direct an NGO that supports grassroots organisations working to prevent, resolve and heal from conflict. For more information on Peace Direct, click here.  

Technology for peace

Peace Geeks is a Vancouver, BC based NGO providing technological, communications and management expertise to help grassroots organizations who promote peace, accountability and human rights.

Building peace through youth

For more on Seeds of Peace, click here.

Achieving peace through education, information and effective conflict resolution

For more on Transcend International, click here.

Quantifying Peace

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A vision of sustainability + the information to back it up
CRC research provides access to most everything required to understand the concepts underlying sustainable communities as well as some practical resources to help build them.



Creating resilient communities in the 21st Century
The Post Carbon Institute assists societies in their efforts to relocalize communities and adapt to an energy constrained world.



To visit the Post Carbon Institute’s news, networking and resource hub dedicated to building resilient communities, click here.
Moving toward sharing lifestyles
Commons Transition is an open platform through which people from all over the world are currently sharing their experiences as they create projects, policies and collaborations that respect the rights of every inhabitant of our planet to share in its bounty and contribute to its well-being. To get a deeper understanding of what this means, please see the video below.
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Developing healthier, fossil-fuel free communities : the Transition Network

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